Where Do We Draw The Line?

There has always been a dividing line between right and wrong, truth and error, good and evil, light and darkness—God’s side or the Devil’s side. This line is set forth in God’s Word. We should always seek to be on God’s side. Thus, we are to “draw the line” on the basis of what God has told us in Scripture. In this article, let’s give the following some thought:


Have You Obeyed?

There are many people who believe and have been taught that it is necessary to "believe only" or to "receive Jesus as your personal Savior" in order to be saved. These erroneous expressions, which cannot be found in the scriptures, actually leaves people with the impression there is really nothing they need to do in order to be saved. But a scriptural search would show that the Bible teaches differently! There is something YOU must DO in order to be saved! Hebrews 5:9 "And having been perfected, He became the author of eternal salvation to all who obey Him." So the divinely inspired Word of God states you must OBEY!


What About the Rapture?

Much of The Rapture talk of the past seems to have tapered off somewhat. This might be because of the large number of failed predictions that have been made down through the years. Hal Lindsey in his book, The Late Great Planet Earth, of the 1970s, predicted that the Rapture would occur in 1981. Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins have written a sixteen-volume series of books, Left Behind, dealing extensively with the Rapture, but have never predicted a date. But I’m sure they would be more than happy for someone to buy their books while thinking about the subject. One of the most recent failures was made by Harold Camping, a denominational preacher from northern California. He predicted that May 21, 2011, then October 21, 2011, would be the day of the Rapture. Many of his followers quit their jobs and emptied their bank accounts. On November 1, 2011, Camping made a public apology for his false predictions.


The Cross

The cross and the empty tomb together form the centerpiece of history and the ultimate demonstration of the qualities that make God, God.

Here we see His mercy toward helpless mankind, His grace extended to those who could not possibly devise a way or pay for their own redemption, His justice that could not overlook sin without payment of the penalty, and his wisdom that worked out a plan by which guilty sinners could be made righteous (guiltless) without compromising either His justice or His holiness. Here, too, we see His sovereign power to bring about His purpose despite Satan's desperate opposition.


A Costly Failure

It seems that through the years one area of God's teaching has been ignored by many in the church. I don't mean that it has not been taught. I know many of God's messengers have spent countless hours teaching both publicly and privately on the importance of this topic. Teaching on this subject is also included in sermons, Bible classes and home studies that are mainly focused on other topics. Teaching on this topic is of utmost importance because failures in this area will have devastating consequences in all other areas of our life, both as Christians and in society. In fact, I am convinced that failure to give heed to God's teaching in this one area is a root cause of all the trouble we have in the church today, as well as the downfall of our society as a whole. This topic is so important that almost every enemy of God has been working to destroy its influence for decades. In fact, it has been under attack almost since the beginning of time. Have I got your attention? Do you know what area I have in mind? Is it the working of God's grace in our salvation? Is it the importance of obedience on the part of an individual? Could it be immersion for forgiveness of sin? Heaven? Hell? Premillenialism?


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