Did My Generation Neglect The Grace of God?

I cannot understand how so many of the younger generation of preachers (sometimes encouraged by a few older ones) can talk about how woefully the generation before them neglected to tell people about the grace of God. They boldly speak about it as though it was a settled fact of history and that their generation is going to correct the matter by speaking more about grace and less about commandment keeping. As a qualified member of the preceding generation, as one man once said, “I deny the allegation and renounce the alligator.” They have apparently not read the writings nor listened to the sermons of their predecessors.


Should We Keep The Sabbath?

Sometimes I hear preachers use terminology or phrases I think lend itself to causing confusion. One such term or phrase is “Sunday is now the Christian Sabbath.” One wonders if they are not trying to appease those in denominations who hold to the view that the Saturday Sabbath is the Christian day of worship? I wonder if they are trying to mix Old and New Testament requirements in order to soften what God has ordered, to make it more palatable. Is the Saturday Sabbath (7th Day) the Christian day of worship? Some churches would say yes, some would say no. But to 'answer this truthfully we need to study God's word.


Can Anyone Be a Christian Today?

In today’s modern society, Christianity seems to be an outdated idea. Well, let’s say that it is outdated to the “modern thinker.” Many people think to be a “true or faithful” Christian in today’s world is impossible, this is evidenced by the fact they often change God’s laws to fit their wants and needs instead of changing themselves to meet God’s standards. Those who think it is impossible to be a Christian today use this as an excuse for not being faithful to the Lord and for that matter uses them in not becoming a Christian altogether. The mindset is, “If it is impossible, then why try and fail?” Is it truly impossible to be a faithful Christian today?


The Weightier Matters of The Law

"Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you pay tithes of mint and anise and cummin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faith. These you ought to have done, without leaving the others undone."  Matthew 23:23 

Jesus lived in the time when the law of Moses (Old Law) was still binding. Many so called religious people were "keeping" the law but were in reality they had left that and began to follow the traditions and teachings of man. They were very strict in the things they were doing but it was all an act, a facade, and they were not doing it from the heart. The things they were stressing were actually very trite, little and insignificant items especially in comparison to that which was really important. Jesus therefore condemned their hypocrisy and condemned them for overlooking the weightier matters of the law. In Matthew chapter 23 Jesus goes into some of those weightier matters.


What is True Religion?

A few years ago some so-called "religious organizations" were caught doing something I find simply unthinkable and pretty near unforgivable. They were following charitable organizations around and putting their own logo on the goods the charities were delivering long enough to take some pictures and film the "great good" they were doing. It was reported that they even went as far as to hand children some big expensive toy, film it, then take the toy away and leave the child some dime store knock off to play with. Sad indeed, but just the fact they were making a big show of the charitable deeds was bad enough. They went on and on about the good they were doing when in essence they weren’t doing a thing! While there some who are honestly trying to do good, they make such a show and pretense of it you really wonder what their motivation behind the works really is.


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