What is True Religion?

A few years ago some so-called "religious organizations" were caught doing something I find simply unthinkable and pretty near unforgivable. They were following charitable organizations around and putting their own logo on the goods the charities were delivering long enough to take some pictures and film the "great good" they were doing. It was reported that they even went as far as to hand children some big expensive toy, film it, then take the toy away and leave the child some dime store knock off to play with. Sad indeed, but just the fact they were making a big show of the charitable deeds was bad enough. They went on and on about the good they were doing when in essence they weren’t doing a thing! While there some who are honestly trying to do good, they make such a show and pretense of it you really wonder what their motivation behind the works really is.


10 Reasons You Should Investigate The Church of Christ

 "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good (1Thess. 5:21)"

1). The body of Christ, His universal church is of Biblical Origin. It began in Jerusalem Palestine on the Day of Pentecost following the death burial, resurrection, and coronation of Christ (Luke 24:45-49; Acts 1:6-8; Acts 2:1-47).


“Not On Sunday Night”

I love the church that Jesus built,

And I know that it is right;

I go every Sunday morn,

But not on Sunday night.


I love to sing the songs of God,

Such worship must be right;

This I do on Sunday morn,

But not on Sunday night.


And may God bless our preacher, too;

And give him power and might;

But put a sinner in my place,

I won’t be there Sunday night.


I love the hear the Gospel too,

It gives me pure delight.

I hear it every Sunday morn,

But not on Sunday night.


I’d go thru rain and sleet and snow,

Do anything that’s right

To be in church on Sunday morn,

But not on Sunday night.


I know I need more hope and strength

To keep me in the fight;

For help I come on Sunday morn,

But not on Sunday night.


Yes, we all must someday die;

I hope I’ll be doing right;

So I might die on Sunday morn,

And not on Sunday night.


More To A Story

There may be more to a story ...

In recent years there have been various movements popping up among Christians that purport to improve the way we have been doing things – concerted efforts to get away from the “traditional.” Usually those in these movements put their best foots forward by emphasizing a feature of the movement that at “face value” appear to be within the bounds of scriptural authority. For this reason we are wise to approach any of these “new” movements with the possibility that “all that glitters is not gold.”


I Love The Lord

I love the Lord because of all the things in life that I cannot understand, He helps me to understand. My frailty in life is measured by my inability to be the kind of person I should be and yet He loves me still. He knows that I am trying and although I fail to understand how He could continue to forgive me, He does. 

To love the Lord is to ponder His love and grace. I come so short of the glory of His life and as Paul said of himself, I am "sold under sin." Those things I should do, I do not - those things that I hate and know I should not do, I do. The battle in my mind and soul rage with the conflict of the good that seeks to dwell there and the evil that wants domination. My inward man delights in the law of the Lord yet Satan seeks to fill my inward man with evil. As this battle fights in growing conflicts and I fail my Lord and come to Him in repentance, His loving hand wipes away the tears and His tender voice dispels my fear and forgiveness is granted.

I love the Lord because He is patient and longsuffering. It is unmerited and undeserved but His love is beyond all comprehension of man. His love is eternal and His grace abiding as I seek His paths. He gives me such clarity of mind to learn more of His will so that I may be stronger in my battles. A new day arises and the warmth of His presence overshadows my life and I am humbled. I love the Lord because He has been so good to me.

The relationship of love is one of closeness and intimacy. He loved me so much that yet before I was born He suffered cruelly on a miserable stock of wood that I could be happy in Him. My sin and my frailty is the reason He suffered and died on the cross. To look back and see the scene of death 2000 years ago and know He did that for me - me - is to bow in humble obedience and thankfulness because He loved me so much. I love the Lord because he offered salvation to me.

Life is filled with pain, sorrow, tears and difficulty. I love the Lord because He makes the journey of sorrow here in this time to be measured by the glory that is to be revealed when He returns. Life is only a glimmer in the flash of life when compared to the eternal home He made ready for me. I love the Lord because a place is established that in death we may not find emptiness but the fullness of His Father. Death is no longer a fearsome moment but an event that transcends our lives to a better place. In the brief moment of death the complete love of the Father exalts itself as in His presence we stand.

With wide-eyed wonder we behold the face of Him in whom we have never seen but only through eyes of faith. In trembling tones of love we bestow our feeble lives before the throne of His Father and lift up voices of praise to Him who loved us so much that He would send His only Begotten Son to die for me. I love the Lord that I may see His face and see His Father and the glorious Spirit that was given to me in obedience of the gospel. To dwell forever more with the Heavenly host and sing praises around the mighty throne is incomparable to any sorrow I may have in this life.

I love the Lord as He gives me peace not attainable from the mind of men. The peace that passes understanding guards my heart and my mind in the body of Christ. I love the Lord as His arms of protection and love surround my life. I love the Lord for all the things He has given me. I love the Lord because He has taught me how to depend on Him. I love the Lord.

(Investigate your own heart. Do you love the Lord? Our actions will speak louder than our words. DLH)

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