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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series Additional file
Play the sermon Its My Business 1Thessalonians 4:9-12 Dan Henderson 2015-01-25 ItsMyBusiness.pptx
Play the sermon Ephesians Ephesians 1:15-23 Dan Henderson 2015-01-25 Ephesians.pptx
Play the sermon Using Our Time Genesis 1:14-19 Dan Henderson 2015-01-18 UsingOurTime.pptx
Play the sermon How Much? Luke 7:44-47 Dan Henderson 2015-01-18 HowMuch.pptx
Play the sermon Attitudes Exodus 5:2 Dan Henderson 2015-01-11 Attitude.pptx
Play the sermon You Have Heard Matthew 5:38-44 Dan Henderson 2015-01-11 YouHaveHeard.pptx
Play the sermon Wells Of Salvation Isaiah 12:1-6 Dan Henderson 2015-01-04 WellsOfSalvation.pptx
Play the sermon Priorities Matthew 19:16-22 Dan Henderson 2015-01-04 Priorities.pptx
Play the sermon Characteristics - Godliness 2Peter 1:5-11 Dan Henderson 2014-12-28 28bCharacteristicsGodliness.pptx
Play the sermon Repentance Luke 13:1-5 Dan Henderson 2014-12-28 28aRepentance.pptx
Play the sermon God Is Able Ephesians 3:14-21 Dan Henderson 2014-12-21 21bGodIsAble.pptx
Play the sermon Stability For Our Time Isaiah 33:1-9 Dan Henderson 2014-12-21 21aTheStabilityOfYourTimes.pptx
Play the sermon The Bilitys James 1:21-27 Dan Henderson 2014-12-14 14bTheBilityFamily.pptx
Play the sermon Raised With Christ Colossians 3:1-4 Dan Henderson 2014-12-14 14aRaisedWithChrist.pptx
Play the sermon Characteristics-Perseverance 2Peter 1:5-11 Dan Henderson 2014-12-07 07bCharacteristicsPerseverance.pptx
Play the sermon A Chosen Race 1Peter 2:9-10 Dan Henderson 2014-12-07 07aAChosenRace.pptx
Play the sermon Is Your Heart Right James 4:8 Dan Henderson 2014-11-30 30IsYourHeartRight.pptx
Play the sermon Individual Responsibility Galatians 6:1-10 Dan Henderson 2014-11-30 30aIndividualResponsibility.pptx
Play the sermon Caleb's Mountain Joshua 14:6-13 Dan Henderson 2014-11-23 23bCalebsMountain.pptx
Play the sermon Blessing And Responsibility Ephesians 1:3-14 Dan Henderson 2014-11-23 23aBlessingAndResponsibility.pptx

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