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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series Additional file
Play the sermon The Heavens Declare Psalm 19:1-4 Dan Henderson 2015-08-30 TheHeavensDeclare.pptx
Play the sermon Dont Become Spoil Colossians 2:6-8 Dan Henderson 2015-08-30 DontBecomeSpoil.pptx
Play the sermon Dont Keep Sinning Romans 6:1-13 Dan Henderson 2015-08-23 23bDontKeepSinning.pptx
Play the sermon He Lives Luke 24 Dan Henderson 2015-08-23 23aHeLives.pptx
Play the sermon Zealous of Good Works Titus 2:11-14 Dan Henderson 2015-08-16 16bZealousOfGoodWorks.pptx
Play the sermon Establishing Scriptural Authority Hebrews 1:1-4 Dan Henderson 2015-08-16 16aEstablishingScripturalAuthority.pptx
Play the sermon Practice Hospitality Romans 12:13 Dan Henderson 2015-08-09 09bPracticeHospitality.pptx
Play the sermon Saving Faith Luke 8:41-56 Dan Henderson 2015-08-09 09aSavingFaith.pptx
Play the sermon Mean What You Sing 1Corinthians 14:15-19 Dan Henderson 2015-08-02
Play the sermon Singing Worship Authority Psalm 100 Dan Henderson 2015-08-02 SingingWorshipAuthority.pptx
Play the sermon A Christian Is Acts 11:26 Dan Henderson 2015-07-26 AChristianIs.pptx
Play the sermon Once Always Hebrews 2:1-4 Dan Henderson 2015-07-26 OnceAlways.pptx
Play the sermon Gospel Tenses Titus 2:11-13 Dan Henderson 2015-07-19 GospelTenses.pptx
Play the sermon Privilege Of Worship Psalm 66:1-4 Dan Henderson 2015-07-19
Play the sermon Heading For Heaven Hebrews 4:9-11 Dan Henderson 2015-07-12 HeadingForHeaven.pptx
Play the sermon Went About Preaching Acts 8:4 Dan Henderson 2015-07-12 WentAboutPreaching.pptx
Play the sermon Brass For Gold 2Chronicles 12:1-12 Dan Henderson 2015-07-05
Play the sermon Our Standard Acts 20:28-32 Dan Henderson 2015-07-05 OurStandard.pptx
Play the sermon I Have Installed My King Psalms 2 Dan Henderson 2015-06-28 IHaveInstalledMyKing.pptx
Play the sermon Dangers To My Soul Matthew 10:28 Dan Henderson 2015-06-28 DangersToMySoul.pptx

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