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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series Additional file
Play the sermon Characteristics - Knowledge 2Peter 1:3-5 Dan Henderson 2014-10-12 12bCharacteristicsKnowledge.pptx
Play the sermon Teach The Word Isaiah 55:10-11 Dan Henderson 2014-10-12 12aTeachTheWord.pptx
Play the sermon Are You Anxious Matthew 6:25-34 Dan Henderson 2014-10-06 05bAreYouAnxious.pptx
Play the sermon Tremble At His Word Jeremiah 5:21-22 Dan Henderson 2014-10-06 05aTrembleAtHisWord.pptx
Play the sermon Do Not Be Deceived Galatians 6:7-8 Dan Henderson 2014-09-28 28bDoNotBeDeceived.pptx
Play the sermon The Marks Of Jesus Galatians 6:17 Dan Henderson 2014-09-28 28aTheMarksOfJesus.pptx
Play the sermon Characteristics - Virtue 2Peter 1:3-5 Dan Henderson 2014-09-21 21bCharacteristicsVirtue.pptx
Play the sermon Are You Chicken? 1Corinthians 15:33 Dan Henderson 2014-09-21 21aAreYouChicken.pptx
Play the sermon I'll Live in Glory Romans 8:18 Herb Matthews 2014-09-17 Fall 2014 I’LL LIVE IN GLORY.pptx
Play the sermon Glorifying God in Your Body and Your Life 1Corinthians 6:19-20 Herb Matthews 2014-09-16 Fall 2014 GLORIFY GOD IN YOUR BODY AND IN YOUR.pptx
Play the sermon Glorifying God by being Holy and Acceptable Romans 12:1-2 Herb Matthews 2014-09-15 Fall 2014 Glorify God by being holy and acceptable 2.pptx
Play the sermon Glorifying God Through Living a Blessed Life Matthew 5:5-12 Herb Matthews 2014-09-14 Fall 2014 GLORIFY GOD BY LIVING A BLESSED LIFE.pptx
Play the sermon Glorifying God Through Worship John 4:23 Herb Matthews 2014-09-14 Fall 2014 GLORIFYING GOD IN WORSHIP.pptx
Play the sermon Glorifying God through Teaching the Gospel 2Thessalonians 3:1 Herb Matthews 2014-09-14 Fall 2014 Glorifying God Through Teaching the Gospel.pptx
Play the sermon Whats On Your Mind Psalm 1 Dan Henderson 2014-09-07 07bWhatIsonyourMind.pptx
Play the sermon Eloquent Listening Acts 18:24-28 Dan Henderson 2014-09-07 07aEloquentListening.pptx
Play the sermon The Scripture Speaks John 1:1-4 Dan Henderson 2014-08-31
Play the sermon Rightly Handled 2Timothy 2:15 Dan Henderson 2014-08-31 31aRightlyHandled.pptx
Play the sermon Workers Together With God 1Corinthians 3:5-11 Dan Henderson 2014-08-24 24bWorkersTogetherWithGod.pptx
Play the sermon Practicing Prayer James 5:13-18 Dan Henderson 2014-08-24 24aPracticingPrayer.pptx

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