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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series Additional file
Play the sermon A Fly In The Oil Ecclesiastes 10:1 Dan Henderson 2015-03-22 22bAFlyInTheOil.pptx
Play the sermon Consider Your Ways Haggai 1:1-6 Dan Henderson 2015-03-22 22aConsiderYourWays.pptx
Play the sermon God Will Forgive Jeremiah 31:34 Dan Henderson 2015-03-15 15bGodWillForgive.pptx
Play the sermon Learning From A Sinker Matthew 14:22-33 Dan Henderson 2015-03-15 15aLearningFromASinker.pptx
Play the sermon Means Or Result Ephesians 2:13-22 Dan Henderson 2015-03-01 01bMeansOrResult.pptx
Play the sermon Heart Conversion Isaiah 29:13-16 Dan Henderson 2015-03-01 01aHeartConversion.pptx
Play the sermon Characteristics-Charity 2Peter 1:3-8 Dan Henderson 2015-02-22 CharacteristicsCharity.pptx
Play the sermon Four Anchors Acts 27:27-29 Dan Henderson 2015-02-22 FourAnchors.pptx
Play the sermon Can I Trust My Bible? 1Peter 1:22-25 Dan Henderson 2015-02-15 CanITrustMyBible.pptx
Play the sermon Conviction Matthew 11:7-11 Dan Henderson 2015-02-15 Conviction.pptx
Play the sermon God Rebukes Job Job Dan Henderson 2015-02-08
Play the sermon A Little Leaven Romans 14:7-9 Dan Henderson 2015-02-08 ALittleLeaven.pptx
Play the sermon Characteristics-Brotherly Kindness 2Peter 1:3-11 Dan Henderson 2015-02-01 CharacteristicsBrotherlyKindness.pptx
Play the sermon Leave It All Behind Luke 14:25-33 Dan Henderson 2015-02-01 LeaveItAllBehind.pptx
Play the sermon Its My Business 1Thessalonians 4:9-12 Dan Henderson 2015-01-25 ItsMyBusiness.pptx
Play the sermon Ephesians Ephesians 1:15-23 Dan Henderson 2015-01-25 Ephesians.pptx
Play the sermon Using Our Time Genesis 1:14-19 Dan Henderson 2015-01-18 UsingOurTime.pptx
Play the sermon How Much? Luke 7:44-47 Dan Henderson 2015-01-18 HowMuch.pptx
Play the sermon Attitudes Exodus 5:2 Dan Henderson 2015-01-11 Attitude.pptx
Play the sermon You Have Heard Matthew 5:38-44 Dan Henderson 2015-01-11 YouHaveHeard.pptx

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